Publications for Lay Magistrates'

This Booklet set outs information and assistance in a way that enables Lay Magistrates’ to look up queries and relevant information you may need to help you through your training and subsequent role.  We hope that the step-by-step format is quick and easy for you to use.

The Lay Magistrate's Manual provides a basic grounding in the main powers and duties of Lay Magistrates’. It should also serve as a companion and guide, which Lay Magistrates' may consult in the performance of their functions, both in court and out of court.

This pack provides guidance on the preparation and implementation of an Emergency Protection Order, taking into account the relevant Articles within The Children (NI) Order 2005.

This short guide is intended to deal with the “mechanics” of Lay Magistrates’ signatory duties rather than with the legal process.  A Search Warrant Checklist is attached which is a good resource when considering applications.

“Council Regulation (EC) No 2201/2003 ‘Concerning Jurisdiction and the Recognition and Enforcement of Judgments in Matrimonial Matters and in Matters of Parental Responsibility’ – better known as ‘Brussels II Revised’ – was introduced in March 2005. The issues governed by this regulation do not arise frequently but, when they do, it is useful for the judiciary to be acquainted with what the regulation requires.

Above is a link to a Practice Guide on the regulation previously drawn up by the European Commission. It seeks to give guidance to parties, judges, lawyers, notaries and central authorities. The guide is not legally binding, and does not prejudge any decision of the European Court of Justice or national courts on the Regulation but should assist judges procedurally when dealing with cases where the regulation is engaged.”

Youth Justice Agency Magazine

Youth Justice Connections is a magazine published by the Youth Justice Agency on a quarterly basis and distributed throughout the wider youth justice sector and beyond. The above link will take you to the the Youth Justice Agency website where you can view the current and archived editions of the Connections Magazine.