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How Safe Are Motor Scooters in Texas?

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Motorized scooters are becoming increasingly popular as a mode of transportation. A few years ago, seeing any on the road in a year was unusual. However, many companies offer scooter rentals today, and thousands of people use them for their daily commutes.

Electric scooter rental companies are appearing in cities nationwide, causing injuries. In Texas, the cities are not built for these scooters, and riders often don’t wear the necessary protective gear or realize how dangerous an accident can be. If you’re considering trying out a scooter, you might wonder whether they’re safe to use on Texas streets.

Understanding Electric Scooters Laws in Texas

In Texas, a scooter is defined as a device with at least two wheels touching the ground, a motor that doesn’t go over 40cc, and a braking system.  If a similar device has a more potent engine, it’s classified as a motorcycle.

To legally ride a scooter on Texas streets, you must have a class C license from the Texas Department of Public Safety and register your scooter with the state. 

You can ride your scooter on certain public streets with the proper license and registration. However, you can’t ride it on roads with a speed limit of over 35 miles per hour. Local governments may also enforce additional restrictions if they consider scooters unsafe. For example, Bedford and Fort Worth don’t have extra restrictions.

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Scooters are allowed on bike lanes and paths explicitly made for bikes. However, it is unsafe to ride them on sidewalks as it may cause harm to both pedestrians and riders. With an average speed of 15 mph, electric scooters are much faster than adults walking at a speed of three mph. Even minor sidewalk damages, like cracks or debris, can easily cause an accident on a scooter, even if there is no collision with a pedestrian. Therefore, the lawyers from Anderson Injury Lawyers recommend avoiding riding electric scooters on sidewalks.

Potential Dangers of E-Scooters

Scooters are as unsafe as motorcycles. Riding a scooter doesn’t have a seat belt, and there’s no protective frame to shield you from a crash. While Texas encourages you to wear safety equipment using a scooter, it’s not legally mandatory.

If a scooter gets into an accident, the rider will be ejected from the vehicle at the speed they traveled before the crash. That can lead to road rash, broken bones, or even death. That’s why wearing a helmet and other safety equipment is highly recommended to protect yourself from serious injury.

Moreover, many people who ride e-scooters can be under the influence of alcohol. They believe that it is a safe way to get around when they have had too much to drink. However, they fail to take into account the risk of serious injury.

When you ride a scooter on the road, it’s essential to remember that you might need to be more visible to other drivers, especially those in large vehicles. Pay close attention to your surroundings and watch for potential hazards to stay safe.

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Who Is Responsible for an E-Scooter Accident in Texas?

If you get hurt while riding a scooter, you can get compensation. Scooter accidents can happen for different reasons, such as electrical problems or brake failure, drivers not giving the right of way, car doors opening in front of riders, lousy road or sidewalk conditions, drivers not paying attention, or riding under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

After a motor scooter accident, injured riders may receive compensation from the company that takes care of the scooter, a government entity, or a driver who caused the accident. Pedestrians who are injured by a negligent scooter rider may also receive compensation. To hold at-fault parties accountable, choosing a reliable law firm that takes care of its brand reputation and does SEO for personal injury lawyers is advisable. They can help you navigate the process and receive your compensation.

How to Make Your E-Scooter More Safe?

If you drive an e-scooter, you take some actionable tips to protect yourself from serious injury. 

  • Operate your scooter correctly before riding on Texas streets. Remember that your scooter has a steel, titanium, or aluminum motor. Take time to learn the brakes and controls for a safe ride.
  • Wear a helmet and other protective gear while riding a motor scooter to stay safe.
  • Follow traffic laws, stay on the street, and ride to the right if going slower than other traffic. Don’t ride on sidewalks.

If you want to increase your safety and avoid a scooter accident, I hope the above tips will help you know about scooter risks.

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