Cases of More than 50 People Involved in the Attack on the Capitol Went to Us Courts

The search for the attackers continues!

A federal court in the District of Columbia is considering charges against 13 people involved in the attack on the US Congress on January 6, 2021. Cases of about 40 more people are now being considered by the Superior Court of the District of Columbia. This was reported by the US Department of Justice.

The charges include illegal entry into the Capitol, including with a weapon, violation of the curfew, and a number of other articles.

“The attack on the US Capitol building was an attack on one of the key institutions of our country,” said and. about. US Attorney Michael Sherwin. “Our agency, in cooperation with other law enforcement agencies, will promptly use all resources to identify, arrest, and prosecute individuals who took part in criminal activities in the US Capitol building.”

The FBI announced an award of 50 thousand dollars for information about people who carried explosive devices into the territory of the US Congress.

The Washington police announced that they have received about 17 thousand messages from citizens who believe they have information about the participants in the attack on the Capitol.

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