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Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys and DUI Expungement

Drunk Driving and DUI Attorney

One of the measures to combat the perpetrators of car accidents is to deprive them of their driver’s license for a certain period of time. This is called a disqualification or revocation of your driver’s license.

Driving during the period of disqualification is considered by law enforcement agencies as a serious crime because it (such a crime) poses a real threat to the life and health of people. Therefore, the legislator has provided for a penalty for driving during disqualification. It’s important to mention that in Michigan, there a new law has been approved that allows for DUI convictions to be expunged.

How Can a DUI Attorney Help You?

It could happen in a few cases. Let’s go over the main ones. The first is, that the driver knows that he is not allowed to obtain/own a driver’s license, and he still gets a license and drives a car. The second is that the driver drives without fulfilling the conditions prescribed in his driver’s license. The third is that the driver has received a notification that he does not have the right to own a car license, but, nevertheless, while the disqualification is in effect, he is driving a car. And the last one, the driver allows others to drive the car contrary to the current and provided to him notification about the prohibition on the use of his particular car.

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Let’s consider a real-life example. A 21-year-old young man got behind the wheel late at night to drive back to his home after the party. He finished the ride, parked outside the house, went home, took a shower, ate, and went to bed. Around the same time, the police received a message that a woman was found hit by a car, lying on the side of the road with no signs of life.

Investing a Real Life DUI Case

An investigation began, as a result of which our young man was the main suspect in this tragic incident. He was detained and charged with manslaughter and leaving the victim at the scene. During the proceedings, it turned out that our young man did not have a valid driver’s license. His license was disqualified for medical reasons two years ago: he was diagnosed with schizophrenia, so the ban on driving was permanent, for life.

The young man admitted that he did undergo a medical examination for his ability to drive a car, but he was never given notice of disqualification of his driver’s license. But in this case, the young man’s lawyer managed to prove that he did not receive any notification in any way, precisely because this notification was not sent to him in any way! There was no confirmation of sending this notification! A rare, but very revealing case, when the message did not come for reasons beyond the control of the accused.

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Who Can Be Arrested and Convicted for DUI

Some of the problems arising from arrest and prosecution for DWI, but may not be limited to only these: loss of driver’s license, heavy fines, legal fees, and various administrative fees, probation, imprisonment, or the car may be collected for special parking or confiscate it all together. The different US states take drunk driving very seriously. The laws are very strict and the penalties are very harsh.

When looking for a lawyer to handle your DUI / DWI charge case, you should consider the following main points, first, whether a lawyer or law firm has extensive experience in these types of cases and of course how often a lawyer or law firm has won DUI / DWI cases in courts. Remember, choosing the right attorney for your defense is critical to a successful DWI prosecution case, especially in states like Michigan that allow DUI convictions to be expunged.

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