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Hiring a Naturalization Attorney

Hiring a Naturalization Attorney

If you want to become a naturalized citizen, you may want to hire a naturalization attorney. Michael Noriega, an immigration lawyer in New Jersey, specializes in helping immigrants obtain the Green Card, visa, and asylum they need to live in the United States legally. He will protect your rights and do whatever it takes to keep you in the country.

Common barriers to naturalization

One of the most common barriers to naturalization is the application fee. Immigrants with low incomes often find it prohibitively expensive to apply for citizenship. A federal fee waiver is available for applicants who qualify. The fee waiver is a way to encourage low-income individuals to seek citizenship. However, some immigrants may have barriers that go beyond financial status.

In addition, immigrants may be less likely to decide to naturalize if they have to give up their original citizenship. For these immigrants, the decision to give up their citizenship is often influenced by the perception that they will never be accepted in their destination country. Ultimately, this may impede their decision to seek citizenship in the first place.

Another common barrier to naturalization is a criminal conviction. Immigrants who commit crimes can face a lengthy process. While marriage to an American citizen can be easier than marrying a foreign national, immigration officials are likely to inquire into the spouse’s personal life and confirm the marriage’s legitimacy. Unpaid child support may also be a hindrance.

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Qualifying for a naturalization interview

If you’re interested in naturalizing, you should contact a naturalization attorney to help you prepare for the interview. An attorney can help you prepare for the interview by providing legal guidance on what you must have with you. Applicants should bring proof of their current marital status and current legal name. In addition, a court decree must be present for any name change. Additionally, current spouses of former spouses must bring evidence of the termination of their prior marriage.

The next step in the process is the interview with an officer of the USCIS. During the interview, the officer will test applicants’ English skills and knowledge of U.S. government and history. This part of the process can be challenging. A qualified attorney can guide you through the interview by preparing you with legal guidance and attending your appointment with the officer.

The English test is an important part of the naturalization process. If you fail it, you could lose your citizenship. You must understand the questions and have a thorough understanding of the topics covered. A naturalization attorney can help you prepare for this test so that you will get the best results.

Cost of hiring a naturalization attorney

The cost of hiring a naturalization attorney will depend on how much help you need, the type of citizenship application you are applying for, and the experience of the attorney you choose. It is a good idea to contact a few attorneys before you choose one. Ask for references and find out how long they’ve been helping people with citizenship applications. Low-income immigrants may also want to contact nonprofit organizations for free legal services.

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Depending on the complexity of your case, hiring a naturalization attorney can make the whole process much faster and easier. In addition, the legal services of an immigration lawyer can speed up the USCIS process, which can cut your overall cost. Consultation fees can range from a few hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars. Choosing a lawyer with a higher experience level can also save you a lot of money in the long run.

While the costs of hiring a naturalization attorney aren’t very high, they are still substantial. Depending on the complexity of your case, your attorney’s experience, and your locality, your naturalization attorney may charge a higher fee. In addition to filing fees, you’ll also have to pay for USCIS processing fees, fingerprinting and biometrics, translation costs, and a naturalization test fee. While an attorney may help you to save money, you should also consider the risks of not being able to get the status you’ve been looking for.

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