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Tips For Handling Your First DWI

Handling Your First DWI

So you just got arrested for the first time for a DWI. This can be a very stressful and emotional time for anyone. Remember you’re not the first or the only one dealing with this, and you can and will get through it. Read on to learn some tips to help handle this tricky situation.

Remember you’re not alone.

While this may be your first DWI, I can assure you, you’re not the first person with a DWI, even in your own town. It can help to find a community online to talk it out and connect with others in the same or similar positions. They can handle it and get through it, just like you can and will, and you can support each other through it together.

Talk to your friends and family.

Feeling isolated can often go hand-in-hand with stressful situations, so it’s important to keep your support system around you. Be sure to reach out in times of stress, because your friends and family are there for you, even when it’s tough. Let them know how you’re feeling, and see if they can offer you personal advice to help you through things. Your close circle will be able to offer the best advice, as they know you the best.

Consider seeing a therapist.

Seeing a therapist can seem very intimidating and scary at first. The truth is, it’s worth it! There’s a reason why therapy is so popular, and it’s because it works! Therapy can help you to evaluate what may have had a hand in getting you into this situation to begin with, and arm you with the resources and knowledge to prevent it from happening again in the future. You can start by looking for therapists or therapy services online, or even through chat services.

Some even decide they would rather seek out alternative therapies to deal with the anxiety of a DWI.  If you prefer such alternative services, read this post here.

Dealing with anxiety.

This may come after you receive your DWI. It may be hard to be in a car, let alone think about the process of earning back your license. The first step is just exposure. Working with a therapist or close friend can also help. Make sure you take it one step at a time, slowly but surely, you’ll get back on the road without so much anxiety, and you’ll be better than ever!

Last, but not least, is just work. It takes work to get back on the road, it takes work to make sure your relationships are ok, and it takes work to get through therapy. All of these things take time and effort, but the reward when you’re through is worth more than all the efforts you’ve put in. Being able to drive again, sober and clean is the best way to drive! Don’t risk your life or another’s life by driving under the influence again and lose all your hard work. And don’t give up! While it does take a lot of time, it’s worth it in the end. Keep moving forward, you’ve got this!


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